Nail enhancements / extensions

The form is a shaped paper that is wrapped under your nail tip as a guide to build with acrylics or gel to extend your own nail without applying tips. This is more a natural look and can be built and shaped as desired.


Afterwards we file and shape as pleased. We then apply gel of your choice or nail art as your heart desires....WE LOVE NAIL ART



The invention of the current nail extensions started in 1954 when Fred Slack, a dentist broke his fingernail at work and created an artificial nail using dental #acrylic as a replacement.

Permission to act like a diva

The number one rule of acrylics is to treat them gently. This means you’ve got a bit of permission to act like a diva—avoid opening cans or doing other things that could damage or break your nails. Believe us, a separated acrylic can be super painful.



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